Let’s Make Video Game Music – Panel Details

Panel/workshop program description:
In this panel attendees will be asked to participate by thinking of video game scenarios or concepts and as a group we will create the music for these ideas. We will see and experience process of composing music for games! Come and share your creativity! Musicians: Feel encouraged to participate in some of the recording/composition.

Panel/workshop background information:
I have successfully ran my previous panel from last year “The Evolution of Video Game Music” numerous times at many East Coast conventions (including Otakon 2010), have filled up the panel rooms, and I have only received positive feedback for my presentation of my panel, promptness and professionalism. This particular panel first premiered at Katsucon 2011 for the first time for a test run and everyone enjoyed seeing how a game composer makes music for games, but people really enjoyed seeing how their own game scenerio ideas would have an impact on how the music is made. People were also participating in the recording/composing process and it was an overall fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. There hasn’t been many panels on game music, creating music, and especially a panel where attendees have a huge role in participating. Also, a panel run by someone like me who is an experienced performer/composer actively working in the Video Game industry is always a plus!

Other panel/workshop Details:
This panel is more effective with more advanced audio systems. All the panel rooms from my experience have all the necessary equipment, but sometimes there are rooms with larger speakers and such. This panel would actually be a lot better if done in a large auditorium/main events or video room instead of a panel room. Conventions in the past have considered having this panel/workshop in other large presentation rooms. I’d also like to have this event at a reasonable time where people won’t be missing out on many main events because in the past, people have actually complained to me and con staff about missing the ONLY panel about video game music.

Dates of previous panels/workshops:

“Evolution of Video Game Music”
-Animazement 2010
-Otakon 2010
-MAGFest 2011
-Katsucon 2011
-Expcon (Invited to present, could not afford travel expenses)

“Let’s Make Video Game Music!”
-Katsucon 2011
-Otakon 2011
-Katsucon 2012

Guest Musician:
-MAGFest 2011
-Anime LA (Invited to perform, could not afford travel expenses)
-Expcon (Invited to perform, could not afford travel expenses)