New animation score! 8-7-13

New animation score! 8-7-13

Hikarian has been one tough competitor this year for the NATA contest, but all things must come to an end and here it is.

I was tasked with scoring Hikarian’s entry for the final round, and it has been quite a task. It was pretty difficult to conceptualize only writing for piano to something really awesome like this! I don’t want to give away too much so let’s get to it now!

Some compositional notes:
when it came down to this piece I pretty much worked on it last minute and it seemed quite a challenge when Hikarian presented the animation to me so I could then score it. The hardest part was that it was requested to be piano only. All in all, I gave it some thought and applied a lot of orchestration technique to make it seem like a bigger score than it is since it’s only for piano. There are many elements of minimalism that I feel best fit Hikarian’s style. Some shifts in tonal centricity help to complement the shift in events, mood, and expressions as seen in the animation. Other compositional techniques in regard to harmony are relatively simple only really using modal and octatonic chord scales. Rhythms were a bit tricky, but that’s what you commonly find in film scores as the music needs to change and adapt to the timing of the picture. I hope you guys enjoy this score!


Little Merry Ego
(From the animation Little Merry Ego by Hikarian)

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Here is the animation posted on NG:

Here is the animation posted on YouTube:

Here is a “behind the scenes” look into the music of the animation that shows the notation + animation:

Here is the notation only video posted on my YouTube:


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